The Fastest Way to Prototype Games

Clip is a simple tool which lets you create & share games, visualisations, and interactive art.

Clip is in private alpha stage - best viewed in Google Chrome

We are currently working hard on stability, user interface, libraries and tutorials.

Any feedback is welcome, via twitter @Clip2D or email

Featured Clips

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How It Works

Easy and fun to create:

1) Create a new Clip or start with an existing one

2) Program graphics and logic in simple shader code

3) See your changes take effect interactively

4) Publish on your website or as an app

Clip is designed for sharing

Everything you make is available for others to build on, allowing rapid prototyping and collaborative creative experimentation

Clip is fast and portable

Clip code runs on the GPU, so it is blazing fast!

Clips are created completely in GLSL allowing for maximum portability across platforms and devices which support OpenGL ES

About Clip


Who is Clip for?

Clip is for anyone who has an interest in visualisation, interaction, game development or generative graphics. Artists, researchers, and obviously game developers!

What can be made with Clip?

Games, animations, interactive diagrams,

generative graphics, data visualisations

Where can Clips play?

The Clip player can be embedded in any Web page.

Publish to iOS, Android (coming soon)

About Us


Our mission is to make it easy (and fun) to play around with interactive graphics and audio using the power of your GPU.


Lewpen Kinross-Skeels

Founder, Engine, Architecture

Rhys Perkins

Developer, Researcher, Audio Expert